Saturday, August 11, 2007

Visit granted for families

Martin Hadi Butimar, brother of Hiwa, writes about his family's visit to Hiwa.

A pleasing and decent visit, but anxious doubly and unpleasant!

I am pretty sure that you have already been aware so far through Medias about Mr. Adnan Hasan Poor and Mr. Hiwa Butimar two Kurdish journalists and social activists whom have been sentenced to death unfairly and far from justices human right frame work by the Iranian Revolutionary Supreme Court in charge of fighting against GOD! and also acting against Iranian National Security. This verdict of Iranian Revolutionary Supreme Court was accompanied by the Human Rights Organisations, Philanthropists, and noble Kurdish Nation’s reactions in all over the world.

As a results of these global pressures on the Iranian Government and also unlimited persistence of the accused to death youth’s families on the Iranian Revolutionary Supreme Court’s Judges and commissioners, they had agreed with short visiting of the families with their imprisoned sentenced to death youth, whom had been jailed in unknown places since they have sentenced to death which was 26 days ago. Of course during this time, the families were living in bewildered situation without having any news about their sons, whether or not that they are still alive.
For now not just as a Brother of Hiwa Butimar but, it is of my obligation as a human to inform all Medias, Human Rights Organisations, Philanthropists, Noble Kurdish Nation, Liberal Iranians and all democratic states in all over the world, about the current status of Adnan Hassan Poor and Hiwa Butimar and their general health according to the statements of the families after the short visiting of them.
The families were awarded a short visit of their son by the Iranian Intelligence service in Sanandaj Intelligence service’s jail, on Tuesday the August 9th 2007. the intelligence service commissioners were let 2 members of each families to visit their son while two officers were presented during the visit and they were pictured every moments of their meeting. This appointment have clarified for the families that their son are imprisoned in Sanandaj.
Mr. Adnan hasan Poor and Mr. Hiwa Butimar were mentioned the they have been displaced suddenly from Mariwan Public prisons to Sanandaj Jail 26 days ago without making them aware of their death sentences, and also without attendance of their advocate. They have been undergoing tortures and strict torment in Sanandaj Jail since they have been arrived there, and therefore as an objection against these wild treatments of the Jail wardens, they have been strike from eating since that time. However they have written 3 letters to the Court about their strike and they have delivered them to the Jail commissioner, which none of them has not been handled to the Court yet.
However, they were not informed from their death sentences from date that issued up to last week when they were reading their Death Sentenced Confirmation by the Iranian Justice spokesman in the Jail’s newspaper as his statements were published in the several Daily Newspapers in Iran. After knowing about their death sentences in Newspaper eventually, they have been more deterministic on their strike and persisting on it, which is still continuing. According to the family, they are not in good health conditions and they definitely need medical treatments as soon as possible. Otherwise they are going through more and more weakness and gradual dying from starvation as results of their strike. In additions, the Jail’s Commissioners have denied the medical check up or treatments of them by the Jail’s Doctor.
As families of Mr. Adnan Hasan Poor and Mr. Hiwa Butimar, we are stretching out our hands humbly towards Non Border Physicians Organisation, Humans Right Watch, Humans Right Defenders and all philanthropists in all over the world to help our sons in the Jail.

Hadi Butimar

0044 771 948 6669
0044 770 311 2814

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