Thursday, November 15, 2007

Iranian Journalist's Death Sentence Upheld

Iran's supreme court has upheld the death sentence for 27-year-old Kurdish journalist Adnan Hassanpour -- convicted of "spying" for allegedly having U.S. State Department contacts (that's also called "reporting"). Like his original death sentence, which he had to read about in a newspaper rather than being told, the ruling upholding the death sentence was issued Oct. 22, but Hassanpour's lawyer found out Nov. 5 (sans details).

This is the same journalist that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, addressing the National Press Club in September, denied existed:

    "This news is fundamentally wrong. This is incorrect. This is not correct at all about Iran, what's happening. What journalist has been sentenced to death? I'm sorry that some press here disseminates what's untrue. Why should we insist on propagating what's untrue?"

Hassanpour, who served on the editorial board of the weekly newspaper Aso, staged a hunger strike in protest after his death sentence was originally handed down.

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